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The second and third years in any child's life is an exciting one. The sky is the limit! Preschoolers continue to assert their independence and their desire to learn flourishes. In this second year, your child's motor and verbal skills will change dramatically and by the third, you;ll be amazed every day! At CCH we will continue to help those, and others, develop appropriately. 

In the preschool program you will find an environment rich with learning materials and teachers trained to foster each child's love for learning by offering fun, new and exciting opportunities each day. You will find such activities as; math, science, geography, reading and writing prominent in the classroom. Children will learn through small group and individual opportunities. Art projects will be offered and displayed frequently if not daily. In a preschool program, art is about the process not the product. This allows for your child to express him or herself as they see fit. 

Preschooler's will be treated with the respect their budding independence requires as well as challenged to become active members of their environment. In order to do this, you will find an environment where manners and self-help skills are taught. At CCH we believe that manners are essential for every child to learn.

Manners promote a community wherechildren feel welcomed, safe and are excited to attend. You will find that our teachers

respect a child's feelings by acknowledging them and teaching them how to react to various emotions. Our highly trained and educated teachers will communicate at eye-level with children and never shout across a classroom. This promotes a healthy and calm environment, where children can “use their words” to express themselves and their needs, wants, desires and emotions. When children are offered an environment where they can express themselves and given opportunities to “practice first” their self-help skills will flourish naturally. As such you will often hear CCH teachers asking the children to “practice” various activities as well as offering children opportunities to help with chores and classroom jobs. 

One key experience your preschooler will experience is the ability to sit on the potty each day. Around the age of 2 years children start to explore the idea of potty training. CCH believes open lines of communication are essential for your child's development, not only as it relates to potty training, but in general.


In a CCH preschool classroom, your child's growth and development will soar!


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