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Chicago Children's House has preK classrooms that serve children age four through five years. Our preschool program prepares children socially and academically, as well as, supports and encourages the development of independence, responsibility, and confidence, all of which are essential for the child’s ongoing success in kindergarten. Our educational program focuses on each child’s social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development by offering concrete, hands-on activities for the child to explore. 

The preK curriculum is designed to actively engage each child in developmentally age appropriate activities exploring the content areas of literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, the arts and technology. Our skilled teachers prepare curriculum that is exciting and challenging, as well as supportive of each child's own learning style. 


Our prK room arrangement creates the optimum learning environment. It allows children easy access to educational toys, materials and books, enabling them to initiate and expand their activities. Each classroom is organized with areas for block play, manipulative toys, art creativity, dramatic play, and reading in addition to larger spaces for group activities. Learning opportunities will be offered through large group, small group and individual activities. 


Each child will be encouraged to complete various tasks, which are planned by their highly educated and trained teachers, designed to teach your child a skill. These activities are called “work”.  The children's work will be displayed throughout the classroom and sent home at the end of each learning theme. Children are taught to respect their work and “keep their space beautiful.” This teaches the children to be responsible for their work and actions. Teachers utilize a classroom job chart in order to encourage independence and promote a community feeling. 


Children are encouraged to participate in group discussions to boost confidence as well as participate in frequent show-and-tell. CCH believes that parents are the key to making the learning cycle come fully round. What we teach at school should be supported at home, just as what is taught at home is supported at CCH. In order to make CCH a successful experience for your child, we are committed to building a strong partnership through open communication and mutual respect.



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