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Our Philosophy 


Through play all children have an innate curiosity to learn. By understanding the authentic strengths of each child, CCH then prepares and creates secure environments full of well-rounded experiences that offer the opportunity to play, explore, and grow.   

CCH strives to cultivate a home-like atmosphere. You will find classrooms rich with learning materials and teachers who are trained to utilize those materials to foster each child’s personality and unique learning style. Chicago Children's House Child Care builds a daycare community in which families can bond with and support each other in their commitment to the early education of their child(ren).

As a company, we are committed to providing excellent customer service to families within a childcare setting unlike any other in the Chicagoland area. CCH understands that as each child is unique, so is each family; their values, experiences, and expectations. As a practice, we encourage open communication to build strong relationships and gain knowledge that helps us walk this journey of early childhood together.

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