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At CCH, we support the notion that each infant is an individual with unique emotions, needs, desires, and abilities. The infant program serves children from the age of six weeks until the age of 9-12 months. 


Placing your child in care is an emotional experience. CCH is here to help guide and support you through that process. At CCH, we have exhausted every effort in designing an environment which will promote the feelings of belonging and of nurturing care. These are key components which help each infants grow and develop to their full potential. 


Our program is designed to meet the individual needs and desires of each child and to provide them with rich educational experiences as well as the nurturing they require to feel connected to their care provider. Children eat, sleep, and play according to his or her own schedule. We work closely with each family to create a seamless transition from the home environment to the one they experience at CCH. 


Our highly qualified and professional teachers will guide and encourage your child during every stage of his or her development while being mindful of his or her abilities. Our teachers provide numerous opportunities to explore creatively with art, using a variety of sensory materials, helping develop fine motor skills. You will often see infants being read to which encourages visual and language development. Infants will have numerous opportunities to be rocked as well as have floor-play, tummy time and be allowed to freely move about the classroom to support gross motor skills and to enhance learning through their own natural curiosity. 


We firmly believe in, and support, open and thorough communication between teachers and families. It is our commitment to communicate which fosters the partnership 

between family and CCH. It is that partnership that leads to exceptional care of each infant and confidence for every parent, for years to come.

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